MTB & Run Guide

Ali Loop trail looking towards Grand Junction and Grand Mesa
With over 10,000 miles of trails in the Grand Valley, figuring out which trails to ride or run during your valuable vacation time can be a daunting task. Choose poorly and you could end up cartwheeling head over heels down expert level drops on a narrow ledge overlooking the Colorado River or, on the other end of the scale, end up meandering around the open desert on a maze of ripped up dirt more suited for off-road motor vehicles. Not fun either way. You could enjoy having your own personal mountain bike trail riding or trail running guide throughout the Grand Valley - Fruita, Grand Junction, Grand Mesa, and surrounding areas.

Think about how nice it would be to:
  • Ride or run beautiful loops or point to point trails with local knowledge
  • Enjoy trails perfectly suited to your ability
  • Ride or run certain trails and areas based on your vacation schedule each day
  • Have refreshments waiting for you at the end of each day
  • Feel confident because someone is pointing out what to expect
  • Have a capable person with you carrying all the gear to repair any mechanical situations that may otherwise ruin a ride
  • Be able to enjoy all the amazing views and experiences of each day without staring at a map or wondering where you are and what you're looking at
  • Have an experienced training coach along for every outing who's happy to share training insights
Groups and individually guided days are available. If you feel adventurous and simply need some local tips and information, consulting before your trip is available as well.

I can also coordinate bike shipping and/or local bike rentals for you, so you can feel confident that a bike will be set up and tuned, ready to rip just for you.

Contact me at: long[AT]
Early season ride
Trail "tips" during runs
Eagles Wing trail