09 July 2012

Hill Clinic Fun

Yeah, so I haven't even packed a pair of socks for the Hardrock trip and I have to leave the house in two hours.  My race preview is nearly done but I just need to add a bit and clean it up, so it'll be up tomorrow morning.

It gives me a chance to thank everyone who came to the hill clinic yesterday.  We had over 20 people and covered a lot of topics with demonstrations and drills.  The next running clinic will be scheduled soon!  For details and/or to discuss my coaching services contact me tim [AT] footfeathers [DOT] com or friend me on Facebook and connect there.

Danna having a good time taking photos instead of learning.

"I paid for this?"  

Run/Walk transition drills

Captive audience on the beautiful trails along the ocean cliffs

Post clinic picnic

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