16 July 2012

Hardrock 100 Video

While I try to figure out whether I even can write a race report for Hardrock, here's a video Brandon Fuller took while pacing me from Ouray to Grouse Gulch (miles 44-60).  Kids, don't do cliff running at home…

Kiss the rock to finish.  35 hours 49 mins.


  1. For what it is worth ... I had no idea how to answer the question "how was your weekend?" back in the corporate weenie world.

  2. If you need help writing your race report, there's a great guide on this site.

  3. Can't imagine, so I won't. I'm all in. (Will it be enough?).

  4. Almost 9 hours off your time. Damn.

    I was clenched through that whole cliff section of the video. But now I have to go there.

  5. But I want to do cliff running at home and I can't!


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